InvestHuman: The Human Capital Shift. Educate yourself, your team and your leadership! Revive the heart of your organization by reigniting appreciation for the human element of work. The InvestHuman Podcast focusses on helping your organization thrive by discussing the most important part of your business: Your People. This podcast is hosted by Dr. Charlene Rousseau, President of Envisionary Development Consulting; Karen Millsap, Founder & CEO of The Grief Consultant; and Melissa Powell, Founder & CEO of Pocmi, Inc. All three ladies are advocates for people empowerment.
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Feb 7, 2019

In this episode, Bart Bailey takes us on a journey to broaden our understanding of tribal behavior and our need to connect with folks like us. According to Bart, it’s natural and that need is strongly tied to our childhood stories. That said, being mindful about what we are thinking and feeling, sets us up for true awareness and options regarding impact and choices. As leaders, we hold the responsibility to foster a safe climate for people of all backgrounds to thrive. 

Jan 31, 2019

To Lee Kiper, kindness is bringing value to people’s lives without expecting anything in return. He believes when you lead with kindness, then it will lead to success. He doesn't only believe it, he lives it. Lee runs the #1 top performing sales group in Sprint’s BISO unit and accredits their success to a culture of kindness. They have not only been the top producers, they have consistently had the highest employee engagement - even during tough trying times - and have also promoted more people than any other business unit. Lee shared how he’s sustained this people focused workplace by way of transparent communication, setting proper expectations during the hiring process and showing people you’re in it with them.

Jan 24, 2019

Transitioning from being a baby to an adult has many shaky regions in between, such is the same with moving a startup into a full-fledged organization, but with less time and a lot more people to manage. In this episode Todd discusses with us the ins and outs of successfully moving your people from startup phase to being well on your way to Fortune 500. Hear what he has learned from hundreds of Founders who have become CEOs of large organizations, about leadership, hiring and company culture.

Learn about becoming a CEO that Cultivates the right leadership at the right point in time for the organization, Encourages the development of the team and Organizing the team so that they are laser focused on the customer.

Jan 10, 2019

In this discussion with David Goldsmith he discusses with us how some simple shifts in our way of thinking can help us to better ensure that we are really empowering our people to thrive as individuals. David gives us a step by step guide that can be used across the board in any industry and any country to empower our people to get things accomplished in a way that brings out the best in them. Amidst it all he discusses raising our awareness when interacting or forming a view around a thing or person; challenging our own views; leading the charge; empowering others and true cultural diversity. 

Dec 13, 2018

In this episode we’ll take a dive with Andy on Experiential Learning. We will discuss: 

  • The reasons people learn best through experience 
  • The importance of connecting learning programs to strategy  
  • The importance of communicating the “why?” behind a strategy and decisions 
  • The importance of coaching and other tools to reinforce learning
Nov 29, 2018

Our guest, Kristin Sokol, designed the Thought Revolution because she saw a trend with her coaching clients - like many of us, they were at war in their mind. In this episode we talk about how to manage thoughts and emotions because, as Kristin explains, when you’re aware that you’re in a negative thought cycle then you can regain control and change your thoughts. Listeners will learn the science behind why we’re often driven by our emotions, a helpful model to manage your thought process and how to practically apply this model which could ultimately change your quality of life.

Nov 15, 2018

Our lives don’t start at 8am when work begins and they don’t end at 5pm when work is over. In this episode we move beyond the norms of employee wellness programs and discuss dimensions of wellbeing beyond the workplace. This is important because fostering wellbeing on the city and regional level undoubtedly trickles down to the workplace level. In this episode Dr. Chandra leads us as we explore how companies can actively facilitate wellness beyond the working hours and how it can positively impact the workplace.

Oct 25, 2018

Conflict is defined as a serious disagreement or argument, a quarrel a squabble, a battle, it's uncomfortable, it's awkward... none of that sounds pleasant does it? Yet somehow, Karen is able to see the light in this terribly uncomfortable situation and helps others work through conflict in an incredibly healthy and helpful way. She uses her years of expertise at intense mediation tables, supportive research from scholars and well-designed strategies to help give conflict a better reputation.

Oct 11, 2018

Understanding the dynamics of theory allows leaders to strategically manage relationships and begin to move teams toward maximum productivity. Grasping the basic variables will afford leaders an opportunity to positively structure relationships with followers empowering them to work beyond their job descriptions. A group of followers who are creatively engaged can catapult a team beyond the sum of its parts. In this episode, we’ll discuss Leader-Member Exchange Theory; Propose a Fresh View on Appointing Leaders; and The Importance of Leaders Caring about their Followers.

Sep 27, 2018

AI? I thought we were investing in humans. You are right! In this episode Nachi Junankar shares with us how AI allows humans to do what they are best at and machines to do what they are good at. We will learn how machine learning is a powerful way to transform and enable companies in hiring the right people in and engaging and transparent way. AI brings no elephant into the room of human-ness, it helps us to be humans.

May 3, 2018

Research shows 80% of individuals who work with an Inclusive Leader were more productive, motivated, and loyal to the organization as well as willing to go the extra mile. Inclusive leaders understand that in order for collaboration to be successful, individuals must be willing to share their diverse perspectives and experiences. However, only two thirds of the respondents stated that in their experience less than half of their managers and Senior Leaders actually demonstrated inclusive behaviors and traits. Given this, how do we then identify and create more Inclusive Leaders to adopt methods that produce sustainable outcomes? In today’s episode, we discuss this.

Mar 7, 2018

Learning and development practitioners are tasked to move at the speed of business. But the reality is, it’s not feasible. As a result, L&D practitioners and the learners they serve must have a mind shift that:

  • Recognizes there’s a ton of learning going on AWAY from the company’s LMS
  • L&D leaders must be okay with this and not see it as a threat
  • L&D leaders must build the correct ecosystem to acknowledge the learning their team is gobbling up
  • L&D leaders must encourage self-directed learning even more to augment their efforts

In this episode Thomas Harrell walks us through some good tips on keeping up with learning and development presently and in the future. 

Feb 22, 2018

The future of work on a global scale looks very bright. However, when analyzing the individual contributors to its potential success we can get a little overwhelmed. Today Ravi will discuss with us some of the major factors that will influence the trajectory of the global future of work. We’ll discuss aging patterns, education, globalization and technology. What will work look like? His theories will take us on a surprising thought provoking journey and he’ll help us to navigate a proactive approach to an amazing future in the global landscape of human productivity and world peace!

Jan 25, 2018

Mindfulness has been identified as one of the top 10 trends globally in 2017. Many Big large corporations are cultivating mindfulness as a practice at work. As a society, we are now operating in an attention economy where our attention is constantly under siege and leads us to a condition scientists call Attention Deficit Trait. In this episode, Sky Jarrett will discuss with us the case for and neuroscience of mindfulness, the myth of multi-tasking, and mindfulness performance programs.

Jan 11, 2018

What does success mean to you? Do you feel fulfilled by your work, awards and achievements, or promotions? Or are you someone who loves your job, but still yearning for more? In this episode Kelly Merbler shares with us her journey and talks to us about how finding our purpose or passion doesn’t always mean leaving our job or our company, we can find fulfillment in any environment that helps us cultivate our strengths and unleash our fullest potential.

Dec 31, 2017

In truly meeting the needs of our employees in today’s workforce, we have to create a “wholistic” workplace. This episode explores how we accomplish that. We discuss the importance of authenticity, values, and supported heart transparency in the workplace. Mary shares with us five key strategies for moving from pain to power, as well as moving beyond our egoistic stories, imprints, old language and beliefs; and learning to understand and manage our energy in order to maximize productivity.

Nov 30, 2017

Employees can also be your company's best brand advocates. And since 50% of employees on social media are already posting about their company (based on MSL Group Social Employee Advocacy 2015 study), it's to the benefit of the company brand to ensure employees understand not only the company's brand voice but also their own and how the two are connected. On this episode Diane Diaz helps us to explore how we can find the happy medium between personal brand and company brand and use this to create winning organizations.  

Nov 15, 2017

In today’s episode, Your Body is Business Relevant, Tara will walk us through not only the importance of taking care of our total wellbeing, but how this directly ties to our output in business. Wouldn’t you love to have more energy? Better, more consistent results? Then you won’t want to miss all of the knowledge Tara is going to share on how we can achieve our fullest potential by simply, taking care of our bodies.

Nov 3, 2017

In today’s world, the workforce is looking to management for leadership. Gone are the days of do as you’re told and not as I do if you want to collect a paycheck. Therefore, coaching and Leadership are the keys for business success today. The key objective of the leader is to ensure their teams have the resources to get the job done along with assisting to remove any obstacles along the way. As evolved and technology driven as we may be as a society, success and the level of success we achieve is people driven. During this podcast, we discuss the changing role of management as one which is more leadership centric and the factors that play an important role for success in this process.


Oct 19, 2017

This topic of fear impacts everyone at some point in our lives and our careers. In this episode, Dayne Gingrich is going to share with us the healthier side of fear, and challenge us to push back against the notion of being “fearless” and instead fearLIVE by acknowledging its presence and facing it head on.  He’s known to push his clients to redefined personal expectations, evolve their internal dialogue, and create intentional winning habits. #fearlive

Oct 5, 2017

A lot of time is wasted every day, every week, every month, every year, on the "people" issues that get in the way of being productive. If everybody was more open and authentic from a place of self-assuredness, the workplace would be much more effective and efficient. In this episode, you’ll hear from our panel and Dr. Laura Gallaher on how to communicate in self-accountable and self-aware way. 

Sep 21, 2017

Leadership has always been important but it’s more important than ever before.  Through LearnLoft’s work and research with their Welder Leader Program, they’ve uncovered what the most effective leaders do differently.  “They simultaneously use high levels of “love” and “discipline.”   In this episode John will take us into a deeper understanding of how leadership IS for everyone and how organizations can think differently to facilitate this in their employees, in order to achieve success for both the individual and the organization.

Sep 7, 2017

Storytelling has become the most effective part of internal and external customer gain. On this episode we explore how to communicate your story and how the power of story can be used for leadership efficacy in order to better lead your teams and position your product.  

Aug 24, 2017

In previous episodes of this podcast we’ve covered a bit of the historical implications of women in leadership and the need for us to stop waiting to be facilitated. This episode's guest, Terri Lewis, helps us to dive deeper into the topic of Women in Leadership. Terri encourages women to take up their crowns. Set aside some of our societal fears and just be the right person for the right opportunity. This episode 17 covers preparation to receive the right opportunity and do well in it. 

Aug 10, 2017

**To our dear listeners, Please excuse some of our noise blunders due to technical difficulties in this episode. The content was just too good not to share it with you!**

Organizational silence can be detrimental to an organization’s success. Some may assume employee silence means everything is running smoothly. However, culture, morale, creativity, and innovation are negatively impacted in organizations that are not encouraging employees to share their feedback. In this podcast, we discuss organizational culture, causes of workplace silence, signs of a culture of silence, and propose key strategies for shaping cultures of voice.


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